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Change is coming!

As IB grows in popularity in Nevada, the importance of the NAIBWS grows with it. We had our board meeting just this week, the first since elections, and the ideas and energy were inspiring. We're working on finding ways to better serve our students and our communities. Things to look forward to include:

1. Increased partnerships with our community,

2. Possible tax-exempt status,

3. Alumni events for Nevada IB graduates,

4. Strengthened relationships with institutions of higher learning in Nevada,

5. Increased networking between students at different schools,

6. Establishment of an IB teacher certification program at UNLV,

7. Strengthened relationships with our state legislators so that they can see the great work IB does and can work to help our students get the recognition they've earned, and

8. A redesigned website that can be used for education and recruitment.

One event were excited about is our First Annual IB Council Conference, tentatively scheduled for November 4, 2017, and the UNLV Honors College has been gracious enough to host. We hope this mutually beneficial relationship will help our students see the vast opportunities universities in Nevada can provide and will help universities better understand the rigor of the IB curriculum and the high quality of the IB graduate.

Bored by this blog entry? We have plans in the works to correct that, too. Please consider becoming a guest blogger. We are interested in IB-related blogs from both past and present IB students of all ages, parents, teachers, and community members. If you have something to say and this is the right forum, please contact me at

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